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Why Don't You Speak English? - Channel 4 TV Programme - EOT News 29th July 2013


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July 2013 Newsletter (2)
  • Why Don't You Speak English? - Channel 4 TV programme
  • London Summer School - social media feedback
  • NEW English Out There website almost ready
  • Closing of LanguagesOutThere.com and free membership
  • Old Jokes Home Joke

Hi Folks

It's been HOT here and as usual British people have been moaning about the weather! :-) Oh, and a lady had a baby, you might have heard. 

There's loads (a lot) going on...we've been adding to the summer school experience using social media and getting amazing feedback, the new website is nearly ready, and I watched an interesting programme inspired by the fact that immigration to the UK and its link with speaking English (or rather not speaking English) has become a political hot potato (big issue).

Why Don't You Speak English? - I've started a new blog called Selling English By The Pound and just wrote something about this interesting new TV programme that tries to provide a novel (new and interesting) solution to the increasingly obvious fact that ESL/ELT/EFL doesn't actually help people to speak English. I comment on the first episode of the show and explain my on-going efforts to change the way English is taught, check it out here


London Summer School -  We've been adding social media to our real world English course in London. Using video and audio and a social media back channel for some very good pedagogic (educational) reasons. Here's feedback from some very happy customers.

and another...

To read these and more find us on Google+ (see below)

NEW English Out There website -   It's almost ready (these things always take longer than you expect don't they?) and although this will be the basic version, we will be adding new bits as we go fairly quickly.
Closing the old LanguagesOutThere.com website - As previously mentioned this site is going to bite the dust...today most probably! The content will be merged with the new EOT website.
Old Jokes Home:

I've just been in the loft and found a
1979 copy of TV Times. Or, as it's now
known, the sex offenders register.

(courtesy of Popbitch)

Until the next newsletter...