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September 2013 Newsletter (1)

Hi there

So sorry for the strange empty email that some of you might have received yesterday!  I was working on the emailer system and pressed the wrong button. It happens sometimes doesn't it?

How are you all? Have you seen our new website yet? Do please have a look and let me know what you think?

I've been trying to change UK education policy for five and six year old kids this morning..using Facebook and Twitter and this rather strangely relates to a blog post I published on my new blog on Tuesday.

EOT London summer school went really well and for the the second year running we didn't use a single classroom!

This is what I have for you in this sixth newsletter of 2013 (not many that, I think things are going to change soon!). Have a look:

  • New EOT website LIVE
  • London Summer School -  first written feedback
  • New blog post about my son and his attitude to school
  • Closing of LanguagesOutThere.com and free membership

It's LIVE - http://englishoutthere.com And based upon a Joomla template called 'undesign'. I think it is really funky (fun and a little bit cool, maybe?) but then I am biased because I chose it and worked on it with Paddy our long-suffering webmaster who has his own great web/design company called Loose Connection (http://www.design.paddythorne.co.uk/index.php/aboutmain). 

There are more bits to come on the website but we are using Google Plus more and starting to re-organise our Youtube and G+ pages and link them to it. One good thing, if you want to see what I tweet or put on Facebook you can go to these pages on the new website and see all of the posts (http://englishoutthere.com/facebook and http://englishoutthere.com/twitter).

I've also published a peer-reviewed paper I wrote last year that is in a book edited by Dr. Nellie Deutsch called Connecting Online for Instruction and Learning (Amazon http://amzn.to/18SwS0d). My paper is free to download on our website (http://englishoutthere.com/home-page/beginner-to-intermediate-english-speaker-in-six-lessons).

Finally on this topic, I have published our ethos (the moral code we live and work by (http://englishoutthere.com/home-page/our-ethos-the-truth). I think this is really important so do please read it and let me know what you think?

London Summer School -  I'm just compiling the written and anonymous feedback data from the summer school...looks excellent. However, Steve has done some from the second group, he extended the questionnaire to include the question "Do you think the idea of making recordings was a good idea?" Result: 75% said "Yes". Interesting eh? More stats and observations soon.

"I Don't Want To Go To School" - Here's my blog post from earlier in the week. It is about my five year old son but I extend it into what we do in London and what research tells us about education, the use of classrooms and if boredom is the big educational enemy? http://jasonwestsellingenglish.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/i-dont-want-to-go-to-school.html

Closing the old LanguagesOutThere.com website - This has gone now. Some content has already gone onto the new website and I will be adding more soon.

Until the next newsletter...




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