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Krashen Debates English Out There - EXCLUSIVE NEWS

Dr. Stephen Krashen IFLT 250

Hi there!

EXCLUSIVE: Krashen discusses EOT in great detail

It has been a long while since the last newsletter and I am sorry for the gap.  A lot has been happening, as you will find out :-)

I hope you enjoy reading this exclusive discussion I had about EOT with world-famous English teaching and language acquisition expert Professor Stephen Krashen. 

Professor Krashen listened to the audio before and after case study of Jane over two years ago and then he and I had an  email debate that lasted the whole summer of 2010!

I'd like to thank Professor Krashen and add that I still can't quite believe that I am posting this, he's a legend and gave me and EOT a lot of his time for which I am extremely grateful.

It has taken a long time to get this published but it was definitely worth it.

Read the first part here

All the best



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