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How We Do News

speak_languagesWanna keep up with the leader in ELT subversion? Read our thoughts about the world of online and offline English language teaching in our regular newsletters that vary in style from vlogs to lists of news items and themes that have recently caught our attention.

Some of our older newsletters also double up as little listening and learning tools providing comprehensible input for all of our learner friends and followers. As ever, the idea is experimental, so do please tell us what you think.

We have become a bit tired of creating small multi-item newsletters and now use Twitter and Facebook to communicate ELT ideas and information more than ever. That's fine, but Tweets and Facebook posts can limit your ability to explore a subject in more detail.

We hope you find our witterings useful and/or entertaining.

Please do leave comments if there is space or contact us to vent some of your own spleen.