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English Out There Goes Mobile

Smartphone English learning kit
March 2013 Newsletter

Hello you lovely people!

The sun came out on Wednesday, for a whole day! It's raining now.

But hey, there's some good stuff going on in EOT-land.

This is what I have for you in this second newsletter of 2013. Have a look:

  • Free Special Offer for Learners - Meet volunteer fluent English speaking partners
  • Sugata Mitra (who follows me on Twitter and is a FB friend!) wins $1m TED prize
  • EOT Mobile (institutional licensing)
  • Old Jokes Home Joke

Meet English Speaker Volunteers -  I have a Facebook group full of amazingly friendly volunteer fluent English speakers who want to help you with your EOT speaking practice (don't ask how I get them, but I do! :-)

I am going to see Eels play live in Bournemouth tomorrow and want to treat my lovely lady and mother of my children...so to pay for the tickets I will let the first 10 people who buy SS (Self-Study) EOT courses into the closed Facebook group that I normally keep for research and case study students. It will help you to get going fast with your new EOT course. You can buy courses HERE (just choose the one at your SPEAKING level):

$1m TED prize - Went to Sugata Mitra who has proven that kids self-teach given the right conditions and support. He conducted the famous Hole in The Wall experiment in India and created the Granny Cloud. Now he wants to create a School in the Cloud. You must check out the videos on TED.com
Mobile EOT - Yes, I have figured out a way for schools and colleges to deliver EOT to thousands of their students on smartphones and tablets. It looks and works really well and is very robust. Licence cost depends upon the content you want loaded. Recently I created some curated content and customised EOT worksheets for TWIN Group in London. Now TWIN students can access and work on location specific EOT lessons using their phones and tablets.

If you want your organisation to have some mobile EOT simply reply to this email.

Old Jokes Home:

I named my band 999MB.

We haven't got a gig yet.

(courtesy of Popbitch)

Until next month...



p.s. Don't forget our London summer school for this year...last year we didn't use one classroom...it was all done Out There, and we got amazing feedback!