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Edtech Psychosis in English teachers?


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October 2013 Newsletter (1)

Hi there

I hope you are well and that life's bumps aren't proving too painful? 

The new website seems to be working quite well so and I've had some nice and positive feedback (as well as more sales of our content). Again, do please have a look and let me know what you think?

I've already told you that the EOT London summer school went really well and for the the second year running we didn't use a single classroom! This year we encouraged the use of mobile phones in each lesson and ran a little competition.

This is what I have for you in this seventh newsletter of 2013. Have a look:

  • New blog post - Paranoid and delusional ESL teachers
  • London Summer School -  Competition winner announced
  • EOT in Iran

Online Education Can Induce Psychosis (and not in the way you might think) - I know that statement sounds a bit bonkers but, seriously, I have had so many silly and delusional responses to audio evidence I post online that I have pondered this topic a lot. Today I posted on a well-known website and, after posting some audio evidence that supported my comment, was accused of "selling snake oil" by an ESL teacher. This inspired me to do some research and I've just blogged about what turned up on Google here:


London Summer School -  Raphaél Divita has won the Samsung Galaxy tablet I offered for the best use of social media during the EOTLondon Summer School this year. This is what he wrote about his EOT experience,

"Hello Jason ! I have to say that I really thank you for this amazing experience. And I'm really thrilled that you selected me as the winner. I honestly didn't think I'd win, mostly when I saw how many things Caroline and Elisa had posted. And that feels really cool to win something because I enjoyed what I did during the course so much, and I thought that all I was doing was "speaking English". And speaking to these people felt really natural and it helped me beat my shyness. I can't express just how much I loved my journey. It is your idea of EOT that made me meet great people and feel like I was a real Londoner for two weeks :) 

I actually don't have a tablet. I only have a three year old laptop. So I think I could use one. It would overcome the need to buy a netbook for university. 

Again, I want to say how happy I am to have learned about your course. That's the kind of experience I'll never forget :D"

You can see and especially listen to what Raphael did with the Soundcloud.com mobile app on our Google+ community page for the first summer group. Have a listen: 
Iran Here We Come -  I've found a guy in Iran called Arsalan who wants to help lfrustrated English earners there to finally speak English comfortably and I'm going to try and help him to start an EOT business there. I won't charge him anything upfront but he's agreed to let me publish everything and pay me a franchise fee once he starts making money. More soon...
Until the next newsletter...