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"Buy Some Books You Bastards*"

News from English Out There - June 2011

TD4 Students front cover Krashen FB Skype v1 300dpi Hi Folks

At the request of Bournemouth English Book Centre (BEBC), the UK's biggest specialist English language teaching (ELT) book distributor, we have created Teacher and Student printed versions of Intermediate TD4 (B2).

Wherever you are in the world you can now place orders directly on the BEBC website for the world's first printed classroom course book that scaffolds personalised social learning experiences either outside of the classroom or on Facebook and Skype. To order please click on these links:

[Linkes removed! We no longer sell our books through BEBC we will announce a new distributor very soon. JW Aug 2013]

What do the experts think about EOT?

"Remarkable...a major contribution to what we know works." Professor Stephen Krashen after listening to proof of the effectiveness of the course.

"I believe that in the emerging world of virtual learning and e-learning EOT is a very interesting attempt which taps into new trends. These new trends are not only prompted, if not imposed by educational bodies, but also expected by the learners as they often look for new ways of learning." Reviewed in Humanising
Language Teaching
magazine, October 2010

"If you're a busy teacher looking for a general overview of the main language to cover at each level presented through everyday 21st century vocabulary and situations, then English Out There could well be what you're after!" Reviewed on TEFL.net, June 2009

"I recently used EOT with a lady from Saudi Arabia who had just arrived with no English. She returned with good basic speaking skills. I also used it with a final year high school student from Jordan (intermediate) and he identified a big gap in his grammar even though he spoke excellent English." - Jamilah Groves, teacher (Australia)

"It's the biggest surprise during the seven years I have been teaching, that this is really possible, in just 3-4 months!!!" Nina EnglishBrno, teacher (Czech Rep.)

If you are confused and want a full explanation (15 min tutorials for both on and offline use) visit our YouTube channel.

We also have a FREE closed Facebook teachers' group for EOT peer support, news and advice, just ask to join once you have made your purchase.

We can schedule FREE online seminars for those who buy the books (http://www.wiziq.com/ EnglishOutThere) - if you buy a lot of books I will do a special one-off seminar whenever you want it. Our virtual classroom can take up to 500 attendees.

If teachers are not sure where to tell their students to go to get online practice opportunities they should Google 'language exchange' or visit our Facebook pagehttp://www.Facebook.com/ EnglishOutThere and ask the 2500+ fans we have there.

Finally, teachers can also sign up FREE to Skype's global class matching directory http://education.skype.com/ Teachers can find colleagues with classes in other countries who want to work with other classes via Skype to do some language exchange speaking practice (for which EOT is the ideal classroom preparation).

Enough said, now buy some books you bastards*!


Any questions, just reply to this message!




Languages Out There

* No offense intended, click on the link for an explanation of this use of the word.