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Hi there
Greetings from a very wet and windy United Kingdom! 
29th October 2015: Jason R Levine (AKA internet English teaching star Fluency MC) started this definitive English fluency discussion by asking me and 33 other English teachers to each send him our one top tip.  The man is a genius! This is my newsletter inspired by the outcome of Jason's research, which you can find here: http://fluencymc.com/speak-fluent-english/
Hi there
I hope you are well and that life's bumps aren't proving too painful? 
Hi there
So sorry for the strange empty email that some of you might have received yesterday!  I was working on the emailer system and pressed the wrong button. It happens sometimes doesn't it?
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Hi Folks
It's been HOT here and as usual British people have been moaning about the weather! :-) Oh, and a lady had a baby, you might have heard. 
Hello you lovely people!
The sun came out on Wednesday, for a whole day! It's raining now.
News from English Out There - June 2011
Hi there!
EXCLUSIVE: Krashen discusses EOT in great detail