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English Out There Media Campaigns

English Out There came out of an idea by Jason West about how to improve English courses for foreign students in London. We began using the streets of central London and talking to complete strangers in our lessons from day one. The first ever test EOT lesson was taught in the turret room at Conway Hall, the home of the Ethical Society, a very famous and important venue.

From the start we wanted to do things differently but also to improve upon what we felt were old-fashioned and ineffective English language teaching practices by the mainstream accredited schools. People in ELT were interested in what we were doing but they didn't really 'get it'. Even if they did it just scared the crap out of them because it took English study out of the classroom and into the real world for the first time in an organised and structured way, in every lesson, every day of the course.

Our love of living on the edge also translated into the kind of creative people we hung out with and who liked our work and ethos. We've met some really fantastically talented people who have gone on to do great things. For example, Jaime Diskin who created some free tube ads for a competition is now the creative director for Xbox in North America (we came second, pipped by a Prostrate Cancer ad with a posthumous message from Bob Monkhouse).

Check out our old ads below and share them with your friends. Would you like to go to an English school that thinks like this?

Inferno LOT funny 2

'Funny' by Jaime Diskin and Jae Morrison 2008

Inferno tube LOTColourful

'Colourful' by Jaime Diskin and Jae Morrison 2008


Asbo ad image

'Asbo' by Fraser Bailey and Sinead Madden 2006


Texbooks ad image

'Some of our textbooks' by Fraser Bailey and Sinead Madden 2006


 Severe delays ad image

Severe delays' by Fraser Bailey and Sinead Madden 2006