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Teach English online using Google Helpouts

Google Helpouts has launched and is free to join! Teaching English online is something many qualified and unqualified English speakers are doing in bigger and bigger numbers. This is because social networks and communication tools like Facebook and Skype have made it easier than ever to connect and speak with people anywhere in the world for free using just a PC/Mac or a smartphone.Helpouts both Jason West listings 301013

However, it takes time and a little bit of effort to learn how to use the technology and most teachers are just taking offline teaching methods online. We think that's a waste of both time and technology!

The newest platform to be launched in an effort to make it easier to teach online is Google Helpouts; a more commercially focused version of Google Hangouts.

Helpouts has everything you need to find students (it is integrated with search); teach them; easily record sessions; and get paid on time, every time.

In 2007 English Out There (EOT) was part of a project to create a platform just like Helpouts. It was probably six years too soon and the world, the ELT world especially, really wasn't ready for an English teaching revolution.

EOT have been accepted as one of the first services to be allowed to use Helpouts (there are people on there who can help you do all sorts of things). We think it will probably change online education because it means anyone with no technological expertise but a lot of really useful real world skills can now help people to learn and be paid for their time. It is that easy to set up and use the Helpouts platform.

So what does this mean for English teaching and learning and especially English Out There?

Well, English Out There is probably the only English teaching method in the world that can be taught inside one hour online. Just going over how EOT works, looking at some instructions and listening to it in practice doesn't take long and then with a little timely social media guidance any fluent English speaker in the world will be able to get exactly the same results as the most experienced English Out There teachers. 

That means that with only one hour of online training anyone can start teaching English for money online and prove that they can get great results (the recordings!).

Jason West the creator and managing director of Languages Out There Ltd has created two Google Helpouts listings for himself; one for coaching learners at £2.50 for 15 mins of focused EOT conversation practice and the other at £25 for one hour of teacher training for TEFL or ESL teachers. (Update Fri 8th Nov 2013: the coaching listing is now LIVE the training listing is still in the queue).

At the end of the single training session English teachers will be licensed to train and license other English teachers in their networks. They will also be licensed to train fluent English speakers to coach English speaking the EOT way. Both trainers and coaches will be able to use the EOT brand name, logo, teaching methodology and unique materials on Google Helpouts for their own EOT-based businesses. Think of it like a small online ESL franchise.

What all this means is that,

1. Any English teacher interested in or new to online teaching will be able to quickly and cheaply join a select group of experienced online English teachers using a proven methodology and its well-known branding to earn a decent hourly rate from training other English teachers the same way using the supplied training materials and tools.

2. Anyone who speaks English fluently (accents and dialiects are great!) can become an online English coach in just one hour and start working for themselves on one of the best (and best promoted) social learning platforms in the world.

There are almost two billion English learners in the  world and estimates say there are just four million qualified TEFL teachers. Which means there are plenty of learners to go around for the new style of effective online ESL.

If you are interested in becoming an English Out There Helpouts trainer or coach and joining what we hope will be a growing network of vetted and approved practitioners please contact Jason via this website or go to English Out There's Google Plus page and say you are interested: https://www.google.com/+Englishoutthere