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Speak English Online Challenge

headset support-147502 640If you feel you have spent too long trying to speak English comfortably and think you still speak at a very low level then do please apply for a free course by completing the form.

If you have ever been taught the English language how would you answer the following questions:

  • How long have you studied English for?
  • What courses did you do?
  • How much money did you spend in total?
  • What is your current speaking level?
  • Do you think you will ever be a comfortable English speaker?

My name is Jason West. I created English Out There (EOT) in 2001 and years later I am still learning about the EOT process and trying explain it clearly. It is especially good at helping people who think they have failed and will never be able to speak English comfortably.

Along the way I have done some real case studies with struggling learners I randomly chose to work with (Jane, Waldemar, Lilliana etc.) because they seemed especially frustrated and yet they were typical of millions of similarly frustrated English learners around the world.

However, I think most people just think that I am a good English teacher with lots of experience and then don't think any more about how I worked with the learners. Or they think it was some kind of trick. You see, to most people, even to most English teachers, an English course is simply an English course and virtually everyone thinks that it is important that you have an experienced and qualified English teacher. I don't think that is true and I think there are some very good non-teaching reasons why EOT works so well.

So, I'm going to do another online experiment and this time I'm not going to be directly involved with the learners. This time I am going to train English speakers how to do what I do. To make it even more difficult I am going to train them to do what I do with just one hour of initial training followed by online support via social media tools. The way I work the results will speak for themselves because you will be able to listen to before and after audio clips of the learners speaking English.

If you are asked to take part in the experiment you must agree to the terms and conditions which specifically mean you agree to recording or being recorded and having those recordings published online as part of the results of the experiment. You will also need to fully commit to a 20 week English course (about two to three hours per week). If you are not serious about improving your English please do not apply.

To take the survey and enter the challenge with a chance of finally speaking English comfortably please click on the link below and complete the form. It's free, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

There are only 14 places to be won. Once they are filled the application process will close.

Click HERE to apply.