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Hi Folks

 Happy New Year! If you are an English learner I hope that this is the year you start to feel really comfortable speaking English. On the other hand, if you are an English teacher I hope that you embrace the new teaching and learning landscape as it develops. Things are changing fast.

One of my regular boasts is that EOT will work with any and all social media services. If you don't believe me check out a couple of new online services that I noticed last week.
Firstly there's myplango.com that would be great for self-employed EOT teachers to use with their smartphone to organise and schedule lessons in free public spaces (I know...cool eh, no classroom required). Just imagine, you can teach your class anywhere in a city (museum, gallery, park, café) and do it all using your phone or tablet. EOT ebooks work on smartphones and tablets using PDF annotation apps so you can have totally paperless classes, anywhere you like.
EOT PDF with annotation on my Android phone
Secondly, and this is really thrilling, if use EOT materials and want to meet strangers to do the Out There speaking task face-to-face you can now use blendr.com (currently only iPhone, iPad and Facebook apps but expect an Android app soon). You can sign up and use your geo-location to meet friendly strangers nearby to talk with. 
You see, social is not just for PCs and for playing on your phone...social is everywhere and technology is now merging the online and real worlds. A course like EOT that is designed for social learning will work with any social media, even stuff that hasn't been invented yet!
All the best


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