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Our Ethos - The Truth

Jason West

I'm Jason and I want you to speak English comfortably. All of us at English Out There have spent most of our working lives trying to help people like you.

How long have you been learning English? How much time and money have you spent on English courses? Have you, like millions of others, almost given up hope of ever being able to speak English well?

If you are reading this you are either an English teacher or one of the many millions of frustrated English learners in the world who can read and write English but have almost given up trying to speak English comfortably.

The honest truth (that no big publisher, educational or cultural organisation that sells ELT programs will tell you) is that virtually all of the materials and methods sold to people really don't help them to speak English.

No English course publishers or providers (think of all of the famous name organisations in ELT) use "before" and "after" video and audio evidence of real English learners who have used their course products. None. Except one...us.

Why do you think no other ESL course provider tries to prove the claims they make for their courses? Don't you think they would...if they could.

With smartphone technology it is really easy to do simple audio or video case studies like ours. These clearly show the big difference in a student's speaking skills after they have done one of our courses.

This is our promise to you.

If you buy our course materials and follow the instructions carefully you will not only make some great new friends and have a good time, you will also, finally and fairly quickly, start to speak English comfortably. And the improvement will be permanent.

Our only ever aim, since we started in 2001, has been to help you to achieve your English speaking ambitions. Our courses are so effective that some big organisations of the 'old school' have shown an unhealthy interest in them.

We are not worried about keeping you as a customer and making you buy more of our courses (unlike other ELT publishers). We will show you how to do it, give you support and then set you free to continue learning through focused social interaction and speaking English.

One course for £5 is enough for you to pay us because we know there are many millions of learners like you who also need our help. And just one course is enough for you to learn how to organise and look after your own English speaking practice, properly, forever.

So, we CAN help you. You can do it all yourself for free by using our free ebook with easy to follow advice.

Or, if you want to start immediately and then work by yourself, buy a £5 self-study course and get free support from our public social media pages (option 1).

Or, if you want a bit more one-to-one help, buy a self-study course plus some EOT expert social media support (option 2).

Or, if you want to have some 'proper old-style' lessons you can buy some one-to-one EOT online teaching + expert social media support to help get you up and running if you are a bit nervous (option 3).

Or, if you are a teacher or administrator, you can buy a commercial institutional EOT licence plus some online training to get your school/college/university helping its English learners to finally speak English with confidence after years of frustration (option 4).

Whatever you decide to do with us remember this...what we do actually works if you follow exactly what we suggest.

It is faster than any other English course and we will be really happy to help you to help yourself to finally become a confident speaker of English.

We think it is time that ALL of the English learners of the world finally spoke English with confidence, without getting frustrated or paying the earth (spending lots of money).

Get some help from us today!

Free (1) / Buy (2) / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (3 + 4)

P.s. If you want to start improving now and want me to help you personally visit the Learn to Speak English Fast page now!