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Good Questions About English Out There

Hi Folks

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Sometimes it is useful to simply send out some simple answers. Things change and develop at EOT all of the time.
We are a bit like an English teaching and learning laboratory. We know our English courses work incredibly well but we are always searching for ways to deliver them that a) reduce your costs and b) improve the experiences of both teachers and learners.
Technology is changing the way teachers and students work together. Our aim is to explore and create innovative and inexpensive ways to improve your English fast.
This information might be of interest to you if you are a learner or a teacher:
English course enquiry from 19thOctober 2011

Hi there, thanks for your enquiry!

To answer your questions:

Q: Where is your school exactly?

We run a summer school in London and we run evening conversation sessions once a week in central London via Meetup.com. We also have a Meetup called London English School which is in beta.


The idea is to create small classes of students and pair them with local teachers who have bought and teach with our course materials. The classes are taught out and about in free comfortable public spaces (e.g. South Bank). The students get a great course at a great price and the teachers get paid a good hourly rate (more than in a conventional private English school).

Q: What time does a course start?

If you are interested in the London English School there are currently no classes.  We can schedule classes any time that is convenient for the group of students and a teacher. It will probably start with afternoons or early evenings and then maybe mornings later as we get going (hopefully). We are getting enquiries but too few at the moment to form one or two classes. We hope this will change as more students find out about this concept. The evening conversation sessions happen every week.

Q: I read about different teachers teach during a course.... Is it possible?

Yes, we have done this, it does work because the teachers all use the same course materials, our special English Out There worksheets.

Q: How many students are in a class?

The maximum number in the formal London English School on Meetup is 8 students. We want to keep it small. The minimum is three, so three friends could start their own class at any time they like and we will find them a teacher.

We have another programme that can be taken 'blended' (on and offline) or simply all online. It depends on the student and where they live. If they live in an English speaking country they can do the blended course which means doing some or all of the Out There Tasks (speaking practice in each lesson) face-to-face with local people. We organise the course and provide guidance and support using a closed Facebook group.

http://www.facebook.com/ groups/39EOT/

The Facebook English course costs £30 for a 20 week course. It includes a live spoken level assessment, appropriate ebook course and worksheets, and 5 weeks one-to-one online voice and chat support from a teacher at the start. The aim is that after 5 weeks the learners know the process, are experiencing great success, have high motivation levels and can continue successfully autonomously (i.e. on their own).

Alternatively you can just buy one of our self-study ebook courses and do-it-yourself, they cost just £5 for a 60 hour course and come with very detailed instructions.

I hope this information has helped, if you have any questions do please ask.

All the best


Languages Out There
P.s. I have been holding some students' and teachers' free live webinars on Mondays and Wednesdays in our virtual classroom, just click to watch the videos or join the next ones!