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Does Your English Frustrate You? Liliana's Story


November 2012 Newsletter (1)

Hi Folks

I really hope you are not frustrated with your English skills, but if you are, read on!

  • Liliana from Colombia's story of frustration
  • FREE webinar tomorrow - Hear me talk about change in ELT and the OUP thing
  • Krashen on EOT - The debate continues  (Part Two)
  • Socialise your learning - Great article
  • Free unlimited online English speaking practice
  • Knock-knock

20 years, lots of paid-for courses and frustrated as hell

I met Liliana on Facebook. A while ago I set up a group called I Still Can't Speak English to find the most frustrated English learners I could. Soon I had a lot of group members. I asked them all to write to me and say why they were frustrated and whay I should help them. I promised to help the most frustrated learners for free.

This is what Liliana wrote about her English speaking frustrations:

"I want to talk about my experiences with the English courses I've taken since I was at school so far. When I was at school I liked English classes so much and participated in them. After graduating from high school I took several courses in American schools , three courses at the British Council and also had private classes with a Colombian women who lived many years in London. Despite of taking many classes I have little fluency, and had to face this when I didn't get the job I wanted as a bilingual customer service I was very sad and got frustrated because I didn't have sufficient fluency to pass the interview and this job gave me the opportunity to improve my English skills and offered me a better job stability. I accept that the lack of fluidity is my problem to get a well paid job in my country. Actually, the courses I taken did not help me to improve my fluency I did not achieve my goal after taking many courses in my life but do not lose hope and continued studying on my own."

Do you feel like Liliana did? This is her before and after 20 EOT lessons recording (just using EOT PDFs, MP3s and Facebook and Skype):


And this is what she thought about EOT at the end:


Have a listen. You can do what Liliana did. There is nothing to stop you and you can do it if you can spare £5.

Dr. Nellie Deutsch talks to me on Wiziq.com tomorrow at 3pm GMT - FREE

Come, listen and take part. I will explain a bit of my background and EOT, talk about change and then take questions. There's a lot going and everyone is welcome. And I mean, everyone.


Krashen Debates EOT - Part Two

This is the second instalment of my long email debate with world-famous Professor Stephen Krashen. In this bit Professor Krashen talks about the optimal conditions for second language acquisition and how, in his opinion, they relate to Jane's EOT case study.


Social Climbing - this is a great article I found online, read it!


Free unlimited English speaking practice online, give it a go with some EOT materials to get you going.



Knock Knock!

Who's there?


Alex Who?

Alex plain later, just let me in


Until next time...




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