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Online social media English course testimonial

"Remarkable. If we had more description of just what lessons Jane did and other exposure to English, and her own view of what caused the improvement, this would be a major contribution to our knowledge about what works. Thanks for posting this."
Professor Stephen Krashen, world famous ESL teaching and learning expert (2010)

Click here to listen to the 'before and after' audio clip commented on above and to read what Jane (27, Chinese) thought of her EOT experience.

Online language exchange

"I heard about your site from a Mixxer user who said she was using the lessons for her exchanges."
Todd Bryant, The Mixxer, www.language-exchanges.org

Face to face English course London testimonial

"I’ve never thought that I would enjoy this school this much. I think everyone must try something like that once in a lifetime, it is just not good for your English, it is also good for your entire life."
Arda Ozdemir, Turkish student (2001)

Click here to see students like Arda interviewed before and after their short (30 hour) real world courses.

new way to learn english

First ever online course materials review

"There is a growing market for online language teaching and learning. Do a Google search for online materials and you’ll find a motley collection of grammar overviews, games and ideas. What online teachers, myself included, are looking for are easy to access, easy to use, informative and well structured worksheets. Languages Out There has provided this"
Review, on TEFL.net (June 2009) Read the full review click here

Review of TD4 Intermediate print version

"I believe that in the emerging world of virtual learning and e-learning EOT is a very interesting attempt which taps into new trends. These new trends are not only prompted, if not imposed by educational bodies, but also expected by the learners as they often look for new ways of learning. In their educational paths they expect or are expected to follow blended-learning or e-learning courses...All in all, I recommend you look at the EOT course formula to see how language teaching is changing and which way it may be going."
Review of TD4 Intermediate print version in Humanising Language Teaching, October 2010. read the full review here: http://www.hltmag.co.uk/oct10/pubs02.htm