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Skype and Social Media English Teaching and Learning

Teaching and learning English using Skype and other social media tools with our English ebook courses provides deep learning anywhere that learners can interact social socially.

Skype English teaching materials

Our courses were the first social media English courses ever published. They are the result of over seven years of teaching and adapting with real paying learners on the streets of London (so we can truthfully say that they have been rigorously road tested!). Every lesson leads to real practice with the target language from the lesson and can be used in any teaching and learning scenario, online or on the street. You can use them in real world conventional classrooms or virtual classrooms, even virtual worlds.

Here is a list of tools for language educators (updated January 2015) that English Out There downloadable ebook courses will support, enhance and make considerably more effective:

English Out There courses work anywhere and everywhere because of the way they were designed and evolved, they even work with a plain old telephone! Now you can curate other social content like Youtube videos around our content. Look at an example of how to do it with an English Out There lesson on a free content curation website. After the Input session the learners used free voice enabled social media like Facebook and Skype or face to face speaking practice to do their Out There tasks, and complete their social learning experience.