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Volunteer with English Out There

English course onlineWhy not volunteer to help people speak better English? English is a wonderful language. It’s also notoriously difficult to learn. How do you make sense of a language in which you can think green, see red, feel blue and go grey all at the same time? Where farmers produce produce and chaps wear chaps?

As a volunteer English speaker, native or fluent, and with any kind of accent or background, you are almost perfectly equipped to help anyone learning English to improve their English speaking and listening skills.

Just by talking to English learners in a kind and considerate way you will be helping them hugely. There are now 2 billion English learners around the world.  English is the global language of business and helps people to get better paid jobs, considerably improving their prospects and those of their families.

There is a huge global demand for quality English tuition at an affordable price. Many of the world's non-native English speaking teachers lack the confidence to speak English with their students and need to practise more whilst access to and time with the limited supply of native speaker English teachers is usually too expensive for all but the top 0.5% of a country's population.

Every single one of us learned our first language naturally, initially from our parents, and we all retain this ability to acquire other languages. We just need the right conditions to become active acquirers again.

What most second language learners struggle with is the lack of opportunity to practise whilst maintaining the motivation to continue. When asked, how many of us have referred to our second language, the one we learned at school, as being 'rusty'?

Everyone who has ever tried to speak a second language intuitively knows that they need to practise more with people who speak the language fluently.

It is an indisputable fact that the more successfully you practise, the more confident and motivated you will become. Small steps of real communicative success in the second language are essential to sustained progress and improvement.

Free internet phone calls and social media are changing the way we communicate and also the way we learn languages.

English Out There is the world's first ever English program that involves English learners speaking to English speakers in a focused and highly effective way after a period of guided or self study. English Out There closely replicates and builds upon the way we all learned our first language. it gives learners the structure and the words to make the most of their highly valuable contact time.

If you volunteer to help us you will be able to help people from all over the world to improve their English and enjoy the benefits that speaking good English can bring to their lives and those of their families.

Practice English speaking onlineYou can volunteer for free to work online or offline now. You don't need to buy any materials or have any training. You can just start helping people. You can also exchange your time for some practice in a language you are learning or you can go the next level and turn English Out There into a part-time job by buying some materials from us and using them to guide and motivate learners prior to their speaking practice sessions. The possibilities are numerous and all you need to be able to do is speak English well.

To fully understand how well qualified you are to help please download and read this FREE ebook called 'For Want of a Better Word' endorsed by the world famous Harvard professor, language expert and multi-million selling author, Steven Pinker, who calls it 'A visual, verbal and intellectual delight.'

To volunteer immediately just ask to join this closed Facebook group called Give your English Out There. We will check you out and then admit you to the group where EOT learners who are using our course materials and know the EOT practice process will also be socialising. Once in make a short post saying ‘I want to help you with my English’ and add your Skype/IM id. Then wait to hear from potential new friends badly in need of a leg up. Learners will send you contact requests in Skype (if you use Google Hangouts that's fine too!).

You can also become a fan of our  main open page facebb(click on the logo), meet hundreds of keen English learners and make friends with a few.

Thank you very much... just one hour a week will help four or five learners to finally speak English.

If you know of other English speakers who might like to help do please share this page with them and do please share your experiences with us.