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If you've ever looked into teaching English as a second or foreign language (TESL or TEFL) then you know it is a pretty tightly controlled vocation and, in some respects, also has a bit of a dodgy reputation.
If you feel you have spent too long trying to speak English comfortably and think you still speak at a very low level then do please apply for a free course by completing the form.
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   Download the EU brochure here, we are practice no.10. Our proven English speaking course for teachers and students allows you to improve spoken English skills quickly, anywhere in the world. The courses are designed to help you practice your English in a way that works for you, whether it's in person over a coffee, or online via Facebook or Skype.
We advertised for two English learners who were very frustrated with their speaking skills. These are real case studies involving real professional people we met randomly online. Listen to how English Out There can help anyone learn to speak English fast and then get going by yourself, as a teacher, a school or an institution (see below).
I'm Jason and I want you to speak English comfortably. All of us at English Out There have spent most of our working lives trying to help people like you.
Here are some great free ebooks that explain more about English Out There and how it works.
November 2012 Newsletter (1)
Hi Folks
There are lots of ways to curate really cool and useful content around English Out There course materials. Here's one example using Padlet.com
Teach yourself how to use English speaking cities and companies to improve your English naturally through focused conversations. Our unique course content can be printed off or used on your smartphone or tablet anywhere you want to go and meet people to practise with in an efficient and effective way. It gives you the right language for your level and prepares you to get the most from informal speaking practice.
Welcome to our Youtube channel. Watch Before and After videos of real English learners. It also contains lots of useful videos about how to use English Out There course materials with Facebook, Skype and other social media platforms and tools as they become popular. Some explain how to find English speaking friends online.
Teach yourself how to use free online social media and communication tools such as Facebook, Google and Skype to create your own social media English course and rapidly improve your English speaking skills using a proven social learning methodology.
News from English Out There - June 2011
"Ever since we started using it in our school, the tasks have been a huge success! Our students have commented on how engaging and inspiring the tasks are, and the teachers love the way the worksheets combine classroom reflection with authentic interaction.
Hi Folks
Something is wrong with English language teaching and learning and very few people are trying to fix it.
Now you can buy exclusive English Out There student and teacher t-shirts with slogans like 'No classroom required' and 'Free range English'. You can even buy a teacher's t-shirt that comes with a free English Out There franchise!
Before Christmas I sent this email (see below) to Oxford University Press' lawyers because they had just written to me to threaten me with a libel action over my protracted attempts to have a discussion with their author Kristin Sherman.
I thought I'd post some heartfelt words on my blog and use them as a little bookend to the year and what is probably going to happen in 2014.
I have recently been involved in a closed group discussion thread on LinkedIn titled,
 Happy New Year! If you are an English learner I hope that this is the year you start to feel really comfortable speaking English. On the other hand, if you are an English teacher I hope that you embrace the new teaching and learning landscape as it develops. Things are changing fast.
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Give EOT a go. It works like a 'flipped classroom' but with one-to-one speaking practice. Just download, open the PDF, choose a lesson you think is at your speaking level of English, print it, do the exercises with a pen and dictionary, then call an English speaking friend on Google Helpouts, Hangouts, Skype or Facebook to do the Out There Task (the speaking practice task). Click on the button.